Miss Palsy

Miss Palsy came to visit me, brought Mr. Gammy without warning
Rappin’ on my appartment’s door, cold calling, too late to refuse them
Already made my face their home and started dancing on my nose

We’re dancing on your, dancing on your, dancing yo

Miss Palsy took and wears my face, a fancy shiny dress to dance in
Skaking a-breaking on my ice, deep-frozen space, wide zone to party on
My nose’ a slide, my eyes a swing, my lips the bar, my mouth the dark room
And I’m a stray on my own floor, have turned to stone and lost my home.

We’re dancing on your, dancing on your, dancing yo
We’re dancing on your fishbone, dancing on your bones

This is my home zone
Get off the fishbone
Your dancefloor is too stoned

We’re dancing on your fishbone
Dancing on your bones

Enough’s enough, oh there I see Miss Palsy chatting up my eyebrow
I need to get a grip on this, will have to unseen close in on her
Approach and face her eye to eye, then fuck her in the head until she’s dead

I toast on Palsy
Cause I shot her unseen
The dance floor is mine now
And I shake all night long

Le Monsieur

Should I spit out of my window?
Should I paint a picture of a Cordyceps Fungus?
Can we be trapped in freedom?
Who is le monsieur?
And why does he scream so loud?
How do I know that I’m wide awake?
Which voices does my neighbour hear?
Will I ever hear the voices my neighbour hears?
Who serve the mosquitoes?
Who ate my pizza?
When did the pirates start to work? – 01:47 am
Will le monsieur ever forget Pretty Frank?
Should I reset my illusory world?
Where are all these frogs coming from?
Are their bodies sleeping bags of their souls?
Did they go astray?
Is there a right way?
Does someone think of me right now? And now? And now?

Macho Pen

Back it up
Back it up
Dixie Cup
Your zipper’s stuck
Close up
That’s not my cup
Your zipper’s stuck
Back it up
Back it up

Socialized mortified macho pen
Segregation reputation macho pen

Prosìte Parasite

Ecoutez l’histoire d’un amour fou, très romantique
Qui va finir comme une tragédie grecque

La belle affaire d’un parasite
Qui est tombé amoureux d’une fourmi

...C’est trop joli

Il dit à la fourmi:
”Ma chéri, mon petit coton, tu es si douce, tu es ma vie.”

Elle murmure avec plaisir:
”Ton amour est trop fort, tu as dévoré mon corps.”

”Oh ma seule lumière, mon seul univers, n’aies pas peur, nous allons nous unir.”

Brainwashed by a parasite
Brainwashed by a parasite

”Ma chouchoute, je t’aimerais pour toujours, si tu me donnes ta vie.“

...Mais c’est de l’idôlatrie!

„Viens mon petit prince, mon coeur et mon corps te sont ouverts.
Mon corps est ton corps. Je brûle d’amour pour toi.
Je me sacrifie pour l’amour eternel, pour l’amour animal.“

”Ma louloute, ma cocotte, mon petit trésor,
O ma biche, ma minette, ma seule raison d’être,
Ferme les yeux et embrasse-moi.”

....C’est la chanson de ses amants

Maintenant ils sont unis
La vie pour l’amour et l’amour pour la vie
La naissance du plasir

Prosìt, Parasite, c’est super extra chic!
Le voilà ..., le sex tonique!

We're All Loose

We`re all sad walking down the road
We`re all sad walking up the street
We`re all sad walking down the road
We`re all sad a thirsty dry spell ode

We`re all scared hiding in our skin
We`re all scared fortress our name
We`re all scared hiding in our skin
We`re all scared sunshine in berlin

We`re all afraid of floating in the air
We`re all afraid twist our bodies on dancefloors
We`re all afraid of floating in the air
We`re all afraid being particals everywhere

We`re all loose sleeping on a wave
We`re all loose groundless dreams feel save
We`re all loose sleeping on a wave
We`re all loose waking in our grave

Phony Bones

A stranger in my back cause me pain
Feed on neurosis
Sampling excuses while time
Clears away and makes its exit

The stranger knocks on my nous
Again I offer my house
I try too hard to be a strong and a lovely host
The flipside’s just a glance away

Bones- phones-woe-call-sleep-dreams-heal- hills-no-high-heals

The stranger chatted up Miss Spine
They escaped my mind
Cozy life, you know
Planting strawberry-woes
Latching on to well groomed life for two


The church bells of Zürich keep me awake
They remind me of your singing, my ear drums keep on ringing
Long after you´ve gone, what have you done to me
You´re forcing me back to addiction.

Sometimes you´re angry, sometimes you´re sad
Sometimes you´re crying, it´s driving me mad
Whenever I´m gone you´re trying to hurt me
You´re forcing me back to my dark side

The church bells of Zürich, waking me up
I´ve never felt so lonely, I think I´m gonna hurt someone
You´re never here and I´m always crying
I will be sad when you´re dying

World Of Fitness

you don’t know what I’ve been through, so many scars, so many wounds
i got cracks on my favourite slacks, that’s wack smack, i’m outta whack
weak bones, you ”take-a-bow-infront-of-Jones”
step down your thrones and face your homegrown clones

i be the e – eternity - you be p
you be the p - passing me, melody

two tattoes one read ” cornucopia” - other said
”five-pointed crown, serpents, figs and crips”

for quiet some time they battle for - sole reign
over paradise, selling alibis

”piffling, how you try to modify my fine - tradition
don’t you see, I survived many other kinds

dinosaurs and creatures in every shape - all erased
tell me who’s still here? – me- just call me m.a.ma”

”her apetite is occupied – anonimous
we occupied her apetite – terrorist ”

i be the e – eternity - you be p
you be the p - passing me, melody

”yo, take a lesson from - mama
i got lava” - ”we got cava, we got java”

”saps, stop eating my fat - I ain’t dead
we’re not playing the same game, don’t think I’m too sane

you forgot it was me who covered you up - in blood
my dear babies, don’t you see I be

i be the e, be eternity - you be p
you be passin’ me, passin’ melody”

Behind moonshine

Friend of endless times
Love is yours is mine
Wind blows where blood flows

Running straight against time
Fear is yours is mine
Sun wakes behind moonshine

Spinning Spirits

From hells spine
To the divine
Purge me
Please free me

Of torture thoughts
Of piercing swords
Dispense me
Need to be free

The pungent voice inside
Black thoughts to hide
Blotting out my name
Concealing my shame

Tried every beldam`s draft
Managed to steer the raft
Still no land ahoy
Am I a whipping boy?

Dumped the boxes
Smashed the walls
Detected the fools
Demolition tools

Mind is clear
Whish is plain
Still spinning in fear
Am I insane?


We border the warmest and most ecstatic sides of life


1. Pretty Frank

Pretty Frank pray for this
Itty-bitty play
That drives you potty
It got too knotty
Snotty me,
Snooty you
Guilty plea

2. Ping Pong Love Song

Pink me down, oh boy
Want you to be my water toy
I wish to be refreshed
Three feet under my eyelash
Playing the ping pong love song

I call you bill or frank
Cause that is what I like my friend
Sing for me
In a low key
Let’s set Lova-Ville free

Skin me in, my prince
Tell me about all your sins
Glam slamming all night long
That’s my favourite song
Come and sing ping pong

Pretty Frank me through
Serve me your special menu
Zip you lip
This is surely gonna be a hit
Like the teaches of peaches:
The F.T.P.A.’s

Make me scratch the walls
Let’s go down the nigaragua falls
Heading wise
Heading frank-wise
Eye to eye and thigh to thigh

3. Daddy Longleg

He feels ever young reaches out
For new meet
Strange love to feed
Roped in for
Two years
Hiding from his fears
Protecting from the jeers

Diggin’-love fool
He signs up for trembling knees
Looking for the long missed dreams
To lean on
Where water runs clear and cold
Where he’s sheltered from growing old

He bleeds from some juvenile deeds
Celebrating the good old days
Full of secrets,
glam slamming all night long
He takes a fancy to excess

Pretty Frank, oh
He just knows how to grind the corn
Must admit he’s a talented boy
Makes my day, scratching the wallpapers down
In our southdepartment uptown

Peel your pelt off
I’ll freeze my selfish in
Unfold, cork off, begin
To fullfruit me,
I’ll come and pink you down
Let’s dig in this bumptious crown

4. Newman’s Housecat

While I stay home
Stretch on my throne
Reach for the map
Meet him on my lap

While I stay home
Stretch on my throne
Reach for the map
Meet him on my lap

Feeding his chops
Knee on the cops
Steeling their fat
A hitchhiking cat
Is creeping to glue
Oh, it makes me feel blue
Filling the dawn
Might cross a yawn

The thrown gives a shot
On a white spot
Cracking the seal
Of a top secret deal

While I stay home
While I stay home
While I stay home
And stretch on my throne

5. Coast Starlight Express

American trains
With big seats
Slow speeds
Two hours delayed
Stopping for a smoking break
Giving way to freight trains

6. This Is The Time

This is the time to shoot the moon
This is the time to glitter and gloom
This is the time to play with the stars
This is the time to go out with mars

This is the day to sing out loud
This is the day to dance and shout
This is the day to jump and cry
This is the day to get over your sigh

This is the year for thunder and storm
This is the year for babies to be born
This is the year to admit and confront
This is the year to see through and beyond

This is the life to take a risk
This is the life to be awake and brisk
This is the life to look at your fear
This is the life to be your own steer

7. The End

This my friend is the end
And I will see you no more
This my friend is the end
Of what we liked before
Cause when you came so close
It was an overdose
I had to run

Dark brown eyes
Took me beyond all skies
Promised eternity
Silverspoon, soup in the afternoon
Seemed to be the key
To wander meaningless
Twards highest happiness
Close by the sun

When my friend
You put down your hand
And put on a solemn face
When your nose got close
I smell your woes
Saw your trembling lips
I felt my tickling feet
The burning rising heat
And then I ran

8. Trippin’ Airplane

Now the plane’s striving high
into the wide sky
I loosen my shoes
Skip the woes
My look glues on passing views
While I drink fruit juice
Just another goodbye
Don’t cry
A foolish ride into the wide
Is it fear? Is it pride?
A great escape trippin’ lust
Sudden break blind trust

Now the plane’s rushing down
Into the unknown
Into deep wilderness
We break through the chart
Like an inexorable dart
That is heading off life
A fatal dive
Now it’s clear it was stupid pride
Trippin’ lust will end in dust
Now we’re all loose
You’ll hear the news
Voracious crave, our grave

9. Splendid 33

My splendid 33
Reaching out in hope to free
Olympic thought
Dearly bought
I’m chewing on my lip
While I get stripped
I can’t ignore
There’s not much in store
A stringly green piece
On its first release

10. Fresh Prince

Woke today with no powers,
They just have disappeared
Don’t you have a clue how that could happen?
A loser is sucking his nipples, he’s crying out his eyes,
He is howling in his pillow wing

The bad guys nuked the wales
Who is going to do my job now,
I think I’ll cool my nerves on Hancock

I’ll blow up the purest Venus’ shrines
Lay them down on a moonshined park glade
Joy is rushing underneath naked skin
It’s no angels’ job to please them highly

11. Days

And another day passed by
And I still don’t know why
I am me and me is here
And here’s not just anywhere

And another morning’s here
You’re next to me
The picture’s clear
You hold it tight, it mustn’t fall
Thousand pieces
We`d loose them all